STILL WITHOUT A BLOG? 3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Blog for Your Website


blog iconBlogging has grown in popularity over the past few years and it wasn’t too long ago when many didn’t even know what a blog or how it would fit into your brand strategy. That has all changed and now you see blogs cropping up everywhere. This is especially true since many businesses have learned the hard way that a static website just doesn’t cut it anymore based on the mere fact that potential customers/clients want to know more! Companies everywhere are now reaping the rewards of a blog (increased visibility & customer base) by providing a stream of valuable information, updates and communication that keep their name in constant view. You can benefit too with just a bit of planning, time and effort on your part.

If you are still weighing in on whether to have a blog or a website, hands down I will tell you that you need a blog as your website! The reason is that a blog allows you the opportunity to show off your personality through your writing with the information you share with your readers. You become human. A blog is a perfect vehicle to let people know how you are different without saying in bold letters that they must have or better use your product or service. A blog provides you the opportunity to engage with others as they learn more about you as a person while allowing them the ability to learn about what your company has to offer.

If you still aren’t convinced then allow me to share with you some of the top reasons why it is so important to have a blog if you are serious about growing your business.

1. Brand Strategy Benefits

Branding isn’t just for big business. It is important to brand yourself too within the niche you’ve created using relevant topics that matter to your readers. By branding yourself, your product or service is instantly associated with you because of the effort you have put into writing on topics that are important to your readers. Your efforts are now targeted and effective which turns into huge rewards as more people learn about what you have to offer.

Which brings us to another point as to why branding through your blog is crucial in growing your business. A blog allows you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge thereby positioning you as an expert. Establishing credibility on the internet can be difficult. You need to gain your potential customer’s trust before he or she will buy from you. You can easily do this through your blog because it is a representation of you and your knowledge and you now have the ability to give your audience what your competition can only dream of. When you pay attention to what your readers want they are drawn to what you share and you become a trusted resource they can’t live without.  Focus on what matters and you will grow an audience of loyal readers that will become your customers/clients.

2. You control the content 

A blog is a great way to provide up to the minute information about trends, advancements in your field, updates, upcoming speaking engagements or any topic you feel passionate about. You no longer need to wait for someone else to spread the word because within your blog you have a platform that along with technology allows you to easily update the world on what’s happening with you and your business.

Blogs are also powerful because you are able to give instant feedback to your readers through the comments they post or any questions they may ask. This allows your blog to become interactive and an instant resource that can easily educate future customers/clients because of the answers you provide. You will discover as your audience grows that the interactions will increase too because people are compelled to respond when something speaks to them.

A blog also allows you the opportunity to gauge what topics you need to focus on in order to continue to offer value and keep your readers coming back for more. This is quite different compared to email marketing because you have instant feedback due to the number of readers of your individual posts. By inviting your readers to ‘subscribe’ to YOUR RSS FEED you are now a ‘publisher’ as opposed to a ‘marketer’ who is seeking to get the business simply by changing the way your messaging is being distributed. This approach takes the pressure off so people can learn about you and your services/products before they buy. Because of the viral nature of blogs you can easily reach a new group of people just from your readers sharing the posts you’ve written. This alone makes blogging a must have within your marketing toolbox. By leveraging technology in this way you will discover that those new customers/clients who do come your way are already ‘convinced’ that you have what they need since they have already learned about you through your blog.  It is as easy as that.

3. Traffic is no longer an issue 

One of the toughest challenges with any new site is traffic and how to get it. Blogs are SEO friendly since they are picked up by search engines faster than a static website and provide you the increased visibility that you need. Search engines love new content and that is what a blog can do for you  because you are providing fresh useful content with every post. When someone links to a post on your site then back links are created and also boost your SEO rating. There are other ways that you can establish your reputation within your brand strategy but right now it is important to focus on just GETTING A BLOG in the first place. When you establish your blog within a certain market you gain targeted traffic because only those people who are interested in ‘knitting for dollars’ are going to subscribe to your blog. A blog allows you to instantly create your own target market based on the content you provide your readers.

The more focused your blog’s topic the easier it is to gain sales opportunities. It may take you a bit of time but once you find your own flow then you will see the comments and traffic increase. Use blogging as a platform for you to share with the world. It is in your hands and begins with your first blog post. Keep it simple as you write about those topics you are passionate about. Then all you have to do is keep up the good work and watch as people engage with you like never before. This strategy has worked time and time again for my clients. So give it a go! I’m here to help should you need your own blog set up or managed. Also, make sure to post any questions, thoughts or comments you might have below. Wishing you continued success. ~De

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