Top 7 Tips for Writing Your Perfect Blog Post


More and more people are coming to realize that learning how to write better blog posts is a must, especially on the web where the competition between bloggers and affiliate marketers is fierce. Blogging is still one of the best ways you can build your list and also establish yourself as an expert in your field. Trouble is, (if you’re like most people) many do not know how to write or know where to start when it comes to creating a blog post – let alone a perfect one. I can assure you that the word ‘perfect’ is purely subjective since many would argue their points of what makes up a ‘perfect’ blog post. So what we’re shooting for here is YOUR most perfect post. The creation of one (and many more to follow) that speaks and connects you to your ideal audience and prospective clients. If this is what you’ve been looking to do then now is the time for you to become equipped with some simple steps which will fully communicate your wisdom and expertise in one of the greatest touch systems around… your blog.

Now that the goal has been established we need to focus on your approach and just how to get visitors to your blog so they read your posts and become familiar with how your brand can help them reach their goals. The best way to do this is to stay focused on providing target rich content that offers true value. Once you are clear on just what that means for you, you will soon discover that writing your best blog post is not so difficult if you follow some simple guidelines. The tips provided here will help give you a run for your money and help you feel more confident in the posts you create for your readers. All you need to do is remember that you are an expert who has experience in your field and you will always know more than those who seek you out for help. So let’s get started in learning just how it’s done.

Here are De’s 7 Best Tips for Creating the Perfect Blog Post

1. Choose the Right Title. First and foremost it is imperative to pick an enticing title that attracts your potential readers and captures their attention. For example, if you’re planning to write a post about starting a new business, try to write a title similar to this one: “Tips on Starting the Best Home Business”. Never write a title such as: “Learn How to Start Your Own Business From the Comfort of Your Home Without Breaking Your Budget” or “Start a Business”. One is too long and the other is just plain ‘blah’.

The right title for your post should have between 5 and 10 words. Moreover, try to keep it both exciting and relevant to your post while keeping in line with the main point of your article. Use colorful creative words to describe the topic and you will find people will read your posts and begin to engage more as you continue to keep the good works coming.

2. Get Your Readers’ Attention. In addition to an appealing title, a good beginning is a must if you want to get your readers attention. Visitors generally have a short attention span so if you can’t attract them in the first 30 seconds you will lose your them forever. Ensure that you have a short intro paragraph which is very easy to read and lays out the entire post while also assuring readers they have found what they are looking for.

You are also looking for a hook that the reader can learn from, agree to or feel something for; otherwise you are spinning your wheels. Take the time to also understand what your audience wants and then give it to them. What catches your eye or attention? What makes you stay engaged with a post? Most of the time it will be similar to what reels you in. Answering such questions will help you in making sure your audience stay to read your posts and see you as a trusted resource in helping them to solve problems.

3. Keep Your Post Visually Appealing. Making a blog post visual doesn’t mean you should fill it with a multitude of  images and videos. This doesn’t mean you should NOT use any videos or images either. What is meant is that there should be visual flow to your post. This would include your choice of section headers, bullets, numbered lists and other similar text elements in order to enhance your readers experience and help them better understand your point of view. It’s your responsibility that your post is easy for the reader to read and follow.  Some readers only want to scan and will look for the bullet points. So make sure each of your posts pop and provides great content from beginning to end.

4. Be Entertaining. An informative blog is never boring. For example, if your company sells sheet metal, that doesn’t mean your post has to be boring and irrelevant. Start by infusing some of your own personality in order to keep visitors coming back. Share a story or a personal picture. Do what ever it takes to add an extra layer of you within every post you write. Think about Dr. Phil and all the ‘isms’ he sprinkles throughout his conversation. He has hundreds of them and they keep coming. The trick is that he’s just being himself. You will not lose if you are vulnerable, real and accessible. This is all part of the ‘entertainment’ factor. These traits are what make up who you are and help you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t think you can handle this aspect of making your blog more entertaining simply ask someone from outside your immediate circle to review your post and include the necessary changes. Another set of eyes can mean the difference between average and turning a post into something special.

5. Linkbait. If you really want to have a top-notch blog, your content needs to be so good that other bloggers would love to link to it. It is a proven fact that post that have a “Top 10” or “How to” in the title get plenty of blogosphere attention, so make the most out of your title. If you want your post to go viral, be sure to place many outbound links into your post. By doing so, other bloggers will notice your interest in their work and might also offer you a return link. Your goal is always to create content that is timely and offers. This adds credibility to your brand because your readers will notice that you’ve done your homework and they will appreciate you even that much more.

6. Include a Clip or Fun Video. This is worth re-mentioning but for another reason. Sometimes we get too caught up in the work that we forget that we and our readers are people too. Even if your writing skills are astounding, you need to keep up with the trends from time to time. Adding videos or unique images is crucial for capturing your reader’s attention and to keep them interested in returning to your blog. Share your take on a viral video or a .gif that cracks you up. Visit and compile a weekly list of your top 5 favorites. The videos are only 6 seconds long so you will add value to your visitors day by giving them a laugh or two and not end up taking up too much of their time. Spreading joy… now that’s a nice way to connect and keep them coming back for more!

7. Always Stick to the Point. If you want to write your perfect blog post, you need to always stay on topic and be concise. I’ve saved this for last because it’s a key component when writing great posts. As mentioned before, modern blog readers have quite a short attention span, so when they are searching for answers on specific subjects.  You need to position yourself as an expert in helping your visitors in finding those answers. You can only do this by being clear and sticking to the point you were wanting to communicate in the first place.

For instance, if your blog is about Thai recipes, don’t write about French recipes or means of transportation in Thailand. You must write about all things surrounding Thai recipes. Your topics must tie into your niche. So if you do write about transportation in Thailand then make it easy for your visitors to understand the connection by writing about how visitors to Thailand can use various modes of transportation to visit local and not so local restaurants for creative recipes ideas.

Bonus Tip: Keep it simple. Whenever you make it easier for your reader to become part of your world then you can always count on them returning. I like to think of it like having someone over your house and all the things you do to help them feel comfortable. You must have the same mindset when writing your posts. The reader is visiting your home on the web so why not help them feel comfortable? Grace, elegance and good manners are always appreciated and more often remembered. Wrap it up nice for your reader. They’ll love you for it!

Well there you go! Blogging for results is certainly not such a daunting task, especially if you follow the tips listed above. Always be original and your readers will soon fall in love with your writing style, personality and see you as the knowledgeable professional you are. Dedication and desire are the only elements needed to get started. Put away any fears or mental obstacles that you may have and you will find the outcome of a perfect blog post will be more comments, shares, subscriptions and even more money. Stay tuned. More great tips coming your way. My hope is help you have an awesome site that will bring in more visitors. Add your thoughts and comments below. Blessings ~De

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