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If you’ve spent any time on the web promoting your business then you know creating an awesome working website can be tricky. There are a number of factors that come into play which can only be conquered when you have a good plan in place. All too often I am overwhelmed by the generosity of some pretty remarkable people in my life. Today I’m sharing the Awesome Working Website Report with you because Coach & Marketing Expert, Biba Pedron is one of those people. Biba just so happens to be known as the Connection Queen and is sought out worldwide for her ability to empower her clients in a way that allows them to put their best selves out into the world. She is always in the know, and I so appreciate her for allowing me to share my own marketing and web design expertise on her new podcast. We had a blast!

Biba Pedron Show Connection Queen Block Awesome Working WebsiteVisit here to listen in and to grab the nuggets to help in refining your online presence.

Radio Show #2 -Top 5 Must’s for an Awesome Working Website Biba Pedron – The Connection Queen

Below is a breakdown of the main points covered during the interview.  You will gain plenty of insights when you listen in, so make sure that you are ready with pen and paper to jot them down. I’ve left plenty of space for you to do so at the end of the notes and below each point. Enjoy!

Let me know too if you have any additional questions or need help in any way by contacting me here. Make sure to fill out our Getting Started Short Form to start the process of creating your own Awesome Working Website. I’m always here to help!

Top 5 Must’s for an Awesome Working Website Show

  1. Dedicated personalized/uniquely you url – Discuss the details that surround this mostly overlooked aspect of brand planning
  2. Designing a usable across the board platform that your business can grow into – Share what is needed in making your site even more valuable years from now compared to constant upgrades in design and function
  3. Clear brand image – Know thyself – elaborate on how every professional should be well aware of what they offer and who they offer to
  4. Customized form and function unique to your biz – Describe how a site must work for you and your business
  5. Social Media and Your Opt in Box – Reasoning behind the importance of these two factors and optimal site placement.

 Highlighted Points:

  • The importance of brand planning and how it can impact your bottom line
  • The benefit of having a well-designed site you can allow you to funnel your clients/prospects so the site does the heavy lifting, not you.
  • Why seeking out a professional is your best bet when trying to do it all by yourself
  • The AllBiz vision of helping professionals in creating a web presence that is not only functional but also one they can be proud of.

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