Balancing Your Home and Biz Spring Cleaning


Spring Clean for a Beautiful Home

It’s spring and now is the perfect time of the year to get a jump start on your spring cleaning with these quick tips:

  • Go through everything in the house! If you haven’t used an item in 6 months, donate it or throw it away. As you go through your items, keep two boxes or trash bags handy. Use one to keep track of the items you plan to donate, and one for the items you will throw away.
  • Create designated areas in your home to hold your mail, store the kids’ backpacks, the family’s shoes, etc.
  • Invest in some dual purpose furniture that functions as a storage space, for example an end table that has a removable lid or a good looking bookcase.
  • Get rid of clutter in the kitchen by getting unused items off the counter. If your counter is filled with appliances you barely use (such as blenders, food processors, mixers, etc) store them in a cupboard. A visually appealing space will help you feel calm and centered.

Getting started is never easy but I know you can do it!

Still need more inspiration? Well, I also have an article where I share some great tips on how to DEclutter Your Life and Business. Being organized gives you freedom and you’ll love this no pressure approach for getting rid of the excess that often weighs us down! Click here to check it out!

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