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Only You Can Make It Happen ~De Harris

The time has arrived for you to rethink your brand strategy. I see so many struggle to grow their business when it really only takes strategic decisions followed by consistent action. The rules haven’t changed. There is no magic formula. There is no Wizard of Oz. Everything you need to incorporate an effective brand strategy is already inside of you waiting to get out. Your ultimate success is what you’ve been preparing and sacrificing for all this time. You just need a bit of belief to get you over the hump and a bit of guidance (like those listed within the tips below) to get you moving in the right direction. You only have a bit more to go. No excuses allowed. No more surfing the Internet for the next guru or blaming the economy. It really is like Nike said in their infamous ‘Just do it’ ad campaign and you only need to remember that with just a few well placed actions you too can get you where you want to be. Now that you’ve made up your mind, roll up your sleeves and jump in. Hurry up… we’re waiting for you 😉

Brand Strategy 1: MINDSET – It starts within

Clients make or break a business. In order to attract the type of clients that will grow your business you MUST start from within. There is much to be said about having a positive ‘can do’ attitude. It’s contagious. Whether you have 100 clients or only 2, your attitude will make all the difference in your future success.

Keeping a positive mindset can be difficult if you are stressed out, worried or overworked  A major shift can occur if you are willing to reconsider your circumstances and see that this is a chance for you to move past your own thoughts and limiting beliefs into a realm of abundance that will open a floodgate of clients who want to do business with you. Yes, attitude can make a difference when developing and your personal brand strategy goals.

There are times when achieving your goals will require actions or behaviors that may not feel comfortable or natural. At these times you will be required to move out of your comfort zone. In order to find the ability or courage to so you may find yourself having to use this little trick. If you don’t feel it… then you must fake it until the positive feeling becomes your reality. It’s like a song you really can’t stand. If you hear it enough, somehow it moves into the ‘can stand’ zone. Then before you know it, your foot is tapping and the much despised song has now moved into the … ‘it’s kind of catchy’ zone. We’ve all been there whether it was with a song, a task or a person who you grew to know. Your actions will turn into habits that will allow you to achieve your goals. By simply doing you can allow positive repetition to work for you. Just keep your eye on the prize and repeat the positives and your mind will follow.

You must also…

Embrace your value and build upon your strengths. Learn to appreciate your talent. You must understand in depth exactly what you bring to the marketplace in reference to skill, knowledge and experience. Write them down, be specific and charge accordingly.

One of the key factors when implementing your brand strategy is that you must become your biggest fan. Let others know that you can solve their issues and are in their corner. You can focus on others and still educate them on what it is you do in a manner that is in good taste. Stay focused on clearly communicating the results you’ve provided and be quick to jump in when you see opportunities where your expertise can be a help. Once you understand what you offer then this becomes easier to communicate what you do to the world. Your new found confidence will radiate and make you truly irresistible to new clients and opportunities. 😉

Brand Strategy 2: Notice how people see you

Make sure your words, actions and body language reflect who you are and where you want to be. You should always dress, speak and carry yourself in a way that is both professional and tasteful. Be someone that others can entrust their issues with and who they know will solve them in a timely manner. This will bring these clients back for more while also providing referrals that will grow your business.

No one wants to be sold – engage with others in a manner that shows you are attentive and caring. Sincerely show your concern and authority on the subject while being open and friendly. It works every time.

Desperation can be seen 100 miles away. If you are short on cash. Go get a full or part-time job for a minute. Any job so you have some money flowing in and are not stressed about closing a deal because you need the cash now. Everyone can smell desperation so you must remember that it takes more than one or two meetings, calls or conferences to close a deal. There is so much noise going on around us that you (as a service/product provider) must either grab someone’s attention at first sight or be in constant (non-stalker style) view within their world.

Brand Strategy 3: Develop Your Business Relationships

Constant communication and follow through will endear others as to your capabilities and competency within your profession.

Make it a point to always offer GREAT customer service. Service that is professional and shows respect for your client. This will be returned to you 10 fold but you must lead the way.

Partner up with other professionals. Use your imagination and make something happen.

Examples include:

  • Realtor and interior decorator/stager
  • Realtor and Photographer
  • Hairstylist and an organic body care products producer
  • Home repair professional and lawn care specialist
  • Jewelry designer and clothing store owner
  • Cake designer and kids party planner
  • Computer programmer and graphic artist

The list goes on and on. Think about your network and decide who can you partner up with.

Brand Strategy 4: Grow your network

It’s all in the list!

1. Build quality relationships with your list as you grow your list – This can be achieved through great content, gifts and relevant offers that solve the very issues your list is facing.

2. Be genuine within your communications. – You must have a true fondness of people if you want to succeed in business. This is not anything you can fake. Be one who communicates a sincere desire in people, their issues and dreams and you will never suffer from lack of clients or prospects. That is the only way customers will return or even speak about all that you do.

3. Wait to monetize your list – You must do the work of building a rapport first and then you have permission to ask for the sale. These type of exchanges are built on trust. A quality list can last for years to come if you show respect by building a genuine relationship from day one.

Brand Strategy 5: Use these effective standby’s to grow your business

  • Magnetic car sign – simple – you never know who is going to see it – $60 bucks
  • Referrals – ask your customers to help grow your client base. Then send a ‘thank you’ for their help.
  • Leverage the Internet by offering:
  • A fabulous sale on your product or service – a two for one deal works G-R-E-A-T!
  • Create a newsletter with useful and informative content – create one with another business you can cross promote with, as well as market products or services to each of your respective client lists. 2x the bang for 1/2 the work 😉
  • Offer Free Service or Gift on your website – a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many prospects are lost failing to do so.
  • Volunteer – Have the intention of service and you will gain the trust and respect of all you come into contact with.
  • Teach a group – start your own community and help others grow their business.

Get out there and make a name for yourself – nothing beats you letting others know about you from the best source on earth. It is not bragging or being cocky when you sincerely want to help people through your experience and expertise.

Once you get out there and share with the world you will find that people can’t resist you and you will be well on your way to creating the business you want with clients who brag about you. The best part is… they will do it for free! Even if you only start by implementing only 1/2 of the items listed above, you will be amazed at the results. Just give it a go and make sure to let me know how your doing or if I can clarify any further. I’m always here to help and am committed to your ongoing success. Usually the hardest part is getting started and finding that sweet spot that works but as long as you stay true to your unique aspirations while moving forward and acquire a never give up attitude then you are well on your way to making your goals a reality.


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