How to Create Your One Step Brand Strategy Roadmap

Atlanta Web Design Agency (888) 454-2284When creating your brand strategy roadmap you must remember these three words… Promotion – Promotion – Promotion. We’ve heard it a thousand times but did you know that most people spend 80pc of their time creating their product or offering and only 20pc marketing what they just created? Crazy, huh? Then what’s even crazier is that most people wonder why their brand strategy efforts fall flat with no buzz when they’ve finally perfected their masterpiece.  Needless to say, most small business owners miss the mark and can really see some return on their efforts with just one simple flip of the switch in order to experience the real results that will ultimately pay out in higher revenues over the long-term.

What is the secret sauce, you ask? I gave you a clue and it is quite simply held in refocusing your attention by spending  20pc of your time creating your product or offering and then dedicating the remaining 80pc letting people know about it. Yep, it’s that simple.

You see, most people are hung up when developing their brand strategy on making their project perfect. This is where small business owners miss out on precious time because of being too focused, NOT on the product, but the process. Also, any product or service you offer within your brand will always include an aspect of additional development requiring tweaks, edits and enhancements along the way. So really it is never perfect at launch and without a doubt you will still expend your energy and resources making adjustments even when you believe you have finally ‘perfected’ your offering.

You can easily minimize the time spent on the back-end by creating a streamlined process focused on quality with clearly defined with benchmarks as you become aligned with your unique brand strategy. It’s also a good idea to grab another set of eyes to help you spot any gaps. If you keep your goals realistic, you will develop a success fueled results oriented process that fits into your life and work each and every time

If there is anything that I want you to gather from reading this article is that you need to have faith in yourself and your abilities. No more wasting time ‘perfecting’ what you’ve created. Just a firm understanding that your focus is to create quality and promote, promote and promote. It is only through reaching out beyond your comfort zone that you build up the necessary brand strategy muscle to market yourself properly. Marketing that will help increase your exposure and help you make more sales. You can’t do that when you are too busy in the workshop creating what the world will see ‘some day’ or ‘soon’.  No one else will represent or speak on your behalf better than you. So it is up to you to take charge and create a brand strategy roadmap that will include you focusing on the activities which need your attention and will grow your business. You need to focus on your marketing. So meet that deadline you’ve set for yourself and let the world know what you have to offer. Then continue to promote, promote and promote some more as you watch your marketing efforts explode. 😉

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