Boldly DEclutter As You Unclutter Your Life and Business

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If you are wanting to truly unclutter your life Saturday’s are a GREAT day to start your plan toward peace and serenity. Clutter around you not only gives the impression of disarray but clutter also takes up sacred space in your mind keeping you from accessing your most creative self. If dedicated, you can DeClutter as you Unclutter your life one step at a time. All it takes is desire and commitment to make a change in your life and business.

Spend the weekend taking a good hard look at what needs to stay and what you can do without. You will need to be honest with yourself if you are serious about creating balance in your life. No need to ‘do’ anything just yet, only access your situation and create a plan of action. You will start the process of elimination Monday, but for now take a step back and feel proud that you made it this far.

It is well established that Monday’s are really the best day of the week to start new routines in your life and business. You can use Monday to your advantage too by extracting those ‘firsts’ (those items, tasks, people, etc.) that clutter your life and mind. By eliminating these you are actively creating a ‘not so good for me’ list in your mind that will help keep you clutter free moving forward. Simply put, you will be establishing new habits that will pay off time and time again.

It’s also easy to become discouraged when you want to unclutter your life but I ask that you stay the course as you tackle each one on their own merit. Keep it simple by asking yourself, ‘does this really work in my life?’ If the item you are examining doesn’t…. well, you know the answer and one by one your life will become clutter free!

unclutter your lifeTake a bit of time and also listen to an excellent 2 part audio series called ‘Uncluttered‘ by speaker Eric Koehler (iTunes #106 & #107). Both will help you delve even deeper on the subject on how to DeClutter as you Unclutter Your Life and Business. Each recording is around 30 min long and are packed with insights that can truly make a difference in how you see and think about the clutter around you. Mindset is everything and being clear on your direction and approach will help you to reach a point of peacefulness that will spill into every area of your life.

With all that said, it’s now time for me to do some DeCluttering of my own. (yes, even I have to stay on top of things! lol) Do let me know of your progress for this is a journey worth acknowledging, and feel free to post before and after pics. Sending blessings and light ~De

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