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One of the best things I have ever done for my sanity and life was to cut the cord. Literally! During the spring of 2010, I reviewed my client base and made a conscience decision to consciously only work with people that I ‘wanted’ to work with. This may sound crazy, especially during this feast or famine economy but it was a necessary step toward regaining my own happiness.

You see in 2010, my workload vs. client base requests ratio was a true model of the Pareto’s Principle – THE 8020 RULE; translated, this means that 80% of my headaches & irritations from work came from 20% of my clients. I was angry, frustrated and irritated, and soon began to hate what I originally loved doing – building websites and helping people learn the web. Something in me said that this wasn’t right and that I would have to give up something in order to move past such a stressful and unrewarding period within my career and I decided to ‘release’ some of my clients. This was a brave jump on my part because, as a new business, I was so heavily in need of each of these clients financially that I really didn’t see any way out. BUT, I knew there had to be a better way because I was so unhappy. It took some planning and sensitivity but I did what I needed to do to keep my sanity. I let the 20% of my clientele go. I released them to other professionals who better suited their work style. I released them to the world, and in return I regained my excitement and enthusiasm for my own work. I only wished I had done it sooner.

Note that during this process I also did a good self-evaluation because I knew that by moving forward it would be crucial for me to create focused change in order to achieve the life balance I felt I so rightly deserved. Looking back, I say it was the best decision that I have ever made. It has been a journey and yes, I would probably do a couple of things differently. Now when I survey my happiness meter, I see that the decision has been a true win. I’m less stressed and feel more in control of my business, rather than my business controlling me. My clients and I have a level of communication and partnership that just wouldn’t be possible if I had stayed on my previous trek. Plus, I’m also doing better financially due to like minded referrals – all of which helps add to the happy factor too.

If you find yourself unhappy or burdened with your current situation, take a moment and do some reassessing and then take the steps necessary to remove what isn’t working anymore. Believe me when I say that it isn’t as scary as it sounds. Next, examine your current work activity vs. results ratio, to see if the 80/20 rule applies to your current situation. Do what it takes to make your work life and career the best that it can be. You will reap a multitude of benefits. You will gain a sense of strength and become an even larger asset to those clients you already have. It is important to firstly look within and to envision how you want your work relationships to evolve. Keep in mind your income desires as well. Are you where you want to be? If the answer is now then seriously look at changing your current client base.

Also practice seeing yourself positively and in the best of circumstances with those clients you keep as you attract even more of the same type of clients that add value to your business. The more you keep those images and thoughts close to you, the easier it is to weed out those that are draining the life and energy out of you. Do it for your sanity and for a happier YOU!

Do whatever it takes to grow beyond your wildest dreams! It may seem difficult and even crazy but I promise you it is worth working through the fear. Your physical and mental well being is too precious to sacrifice. So make the decision to act on what your gut has been telling you. Make the cut! For those of you who are fortunate enough to have 100pc of your clientele that makes you smile, do us all a big favor and share your tips below. I encourage you to share your experiences. It would be great to know who else has pushed the happiness button and lived to tell about it. ~De

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