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When you need to incorporate your business The Company Corporation is available to provide a range of services that are appropriate to every stage of the small business life cycle.

  • They help incorporate your business by assisting with all aspects of creating limited liability companies (LLCs) and many other entity types. Our formation services are available in every U.S. state as well as the District of Columbia.

  • They serve as Registered Agent for thousands of U.S. businesses, making sure that our customers always receive their legal and business-critical documents quickly and securely.

  • They help businesses apply for the right tax information, including IRS-required Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) and, for nonprofit companies, 501(c)status.

  • They help new entities draft and file their bylaws and operating agreements, reserve their unique company names, and register to do business in other states.

  • They help companies meet their ongoing compliance requirements, including annual report preparation and filing and research to find out what business licenses are needed in the form of a Business License Compliance Package.

Their coaching services put small business owners in touch with friendly, knowledgeable specialists who can guide them through their day-to-day compliance challenges. And Compliance Watch®, an exclusive online tool (free to our Registered Agent customers), sends handy reminders every time your corporate filings are due and provides many other assets that set your feet firmly on the path to easier business compliance.

Listen I’m all about making life as simple as possible so be sure to check out the Company Corporation for help in starting your business right. I highly recommend them because of the quality of service and the benefits they provide when getting started with your own business.  Send a note or leave a comment below so I can help with any questions you may need answered. There is nothing like peace of mind and once you get started you will soon trust and love the Company Corporation just as much as I do. Blessings ~De

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