Here’s My Most Inspiring Quote


This became my all time favorite quote because it answered to the source of the doubts I was feeling and also highlighted what I wanted within myself.

It came to me a particularly difficult time in my life when I was deciding whether to leave my job of 22 years and start my own business or to continue within my own comfort zone. It was difficult because I was burdened by what I felt others expected of me and what I felt to be true in my heart.

Here’s why I love this quote..

1) It reminds me to stay positive no matter what.

2) Not to sit back and watch – I must actively participate in order to stay in the game.

3) Not to listen to what others say when they try to keep me down with negativity (consider the source) … Hater’s gonna hate!

4) It empowers me. I’m reminded that I am strong in mind and spirit because of the effort I put in as a risk taker and a vessel of change.

I read it and often come back to it in my mind because it gave me so much clarity at a time when I was just too focused on being judged.

There is more to the story but I can honestly say that this was a catalyst in freeing myself and ending in my sweet spot today. Yes!!

I hope you like it too, please share your favorite quote as well xxoo


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