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Owning a business can be exhausting! With the weather warming up and the days getting longer now is a GREAT time to plan ahead so you aren’t spending your summer or your upcoming vacation time missing out on the fun. Planning ahead will enable you to truly enjoy the fruits from all the labor you put in each and every day.

I’m writing this out of personal experience having spent way too many vacations working with the false belief that I was actually “getting ahead”. No, this wasn’t the case. What I was actually doing was missing out on precious time with my family, friends, and even myself. No matter what business you’re in, it’s important to have down time so that you can restore the mental and physical resources you count on on a daily basis. You work hard and must learn to play hard too. Time off should mean, time off! This goes for weekends too 😉

To get the most out of your time off you must put into place a plant so that you  are fully present during your free time or at least position yourself so that pulling back is that much  easier. Who knows, you may even discover that the following tips become part of your monthly routine which will free up even more of your valuable time throughout the year.

So much is tied into your online persona. I’ve chosen these three areas of focus because they are generally time zappers but with a bit of automation and foresight you can free up time and become that much more efficient in life and business.

  • Blogging/Content Creation – Cut down on your blogging (video production/podcast) time by creating several posts one day of the week and schedule them to publish throughout the week/month.Ask ask your friends to contribute with and publish some guest blog posts or interview them and break the video/podcast into a 3 or 5 part series that you can drizzle out to your audience.Dedicate a weekend or afternoon that is solely focused on writing one long piece that can be broken up into a series and pre-schedule them to publish as you’re out enjoying the warm weather.Either of these approaches will provide you a steady stream of new content with plenty of time to spare.
  • Social Media – Use a service like HootSuite to schedule in advance your posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook. It’s easy to learn and I use this for myself and my clients. You can create a week’s worth of updates in an hour or two. Once finished, you will only need to set aside a small amount of time each day to check in and reply to your audience. Managing your social media this way will help your marketing operation become seamless as well as keeping you in the mix as things in the world change or develop.
  • Email – Instead of checking your email every hour of every day, set aside a specific time in the morning and evening to check it – and that’s it. No peeking. No cheating! This has been a huge help to me. I generally will check at 7a and 4pm each day.

    Quick TIP: Stop being a slave to your inbox and alert your clients/customers that you will respond by the end of the following business day. This alone will free up plenty of headspace because you are taking control of how you handle your email correspondence instead of being lead by what arrives. 

    Lastly, I strongly suggest that you unplug completely when it comes to your time off but I do know that for some of you this is impossible to do. So I would suggest that you first let all of your clients/customers know that you are taking time off and will have limited communication during that time period. Then, try to wrap up any remaining projects to full completion. Alert those customers/clients that any projects that remain open will be attended to upon your return. Be firm in taking your time so that you can avoid any issues and/or misunderstandings. Being upfront will make it easier because you aren’t

    You can also outsource this task to a professional to free up time so you can catch some rays while still getting things done. Niiice!

Free time is precious and if you want to be happier then you will need to carve out time for specific tasks in order to enjoy more fun time in your life. Doing this on a consistent basis will spark creativity and allow excitement to become a major part of the empire you’re building. There’s no way around it, you have to make the time to free your mind and just be.

Remember to place yourself in the best position so you can have a relaxed memorable vacation, and while you’re enjoying your time off send us some pictures or visit my Facebook page to post some of your adventures. I’ll make sure to share mine as well! Be sure to also like our page so you get our latest news and updates!

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De Harris is the founder of AllBiz Web, a strategic business marketing firm specializing in Custom Websites, Blogs, Social Media Mgmt & Web Education. Take a minute and Learn More About De » 

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